I Am The Blues - A Living Exhibit

                                              I Am The Blues - The Living Exhibit


​​​The great bluesmen and women who laid the foundation of American music couldn't be more pleased that you've found the "I AM BLUES" website! 

This is the official site of "I AM THE BLUES" a living exhibit created for all the blues fans who want and need to learn more about the true origins of blues music!

"I AM THE BLUES" is a living exhibit of songs, stories, images, and a house rocking live show that chronicle the incubation of the blues during  The Middle Passage across the Atlantic Ocean to its birth in the  American south and its growth into the  world's most powerful music genre.

"I AM THE BLUES " goes back to explore and explain the mysteries hidden within the music of an enslaved people, the work songs of southern chain gangs, the chants and the coded messages under the surface of spirituals and field hollers to bring us to the devilish double entendre  entwined in the popular hits of the 20th century.

"I AM THE BLUES" takes you back to the beginning of this great American genre in its rarest and rawest form guiding you through its evolution into the music you know today.

"I AM THE BLUES" is a journey that began over 500 years ago and continues into the very

moment you experience this epic presentation.