Jeff Jensen & Redd Velvet 





                    Keb Mo & Redd Velvet

            I Am the Blues - The Living Exhibit 

                                      Each performance or presentation is tailored to be age appropriate for the venue and audience.

   El Spada Matthews & Redd Velvet 

                  Tony Orlando & Redd Velvet 

Zac Harmon, Eddie Turner, & Redd Velvet 

​​​​​​​​​​The Truth 
"Redd Velvet is truth! She can take you from the church to jukejoint!" - Jarekus Singleton, guitarist and bluesman

Redd is the blues
"That girl is the living blues and the best thing about the blues I have seen in years." - Cash McCall, legendary Chicago bluesman

She makes grown men cry
"I watched the audience's reaction when this was presented during the Women In Blues Showcase. This woman brings grown men to tears!" - Michelle Seidman, founder of Women In Blues Showcase

She brings the house down
"Redd came to an IBC jam at the Rum Boogie in Memphis. and  brought the house down!" - Tas Cru, musician and bandleader.

Where has SHE been!
"Where has a singer like this been hiding!"- Jack Holder , guitarist

              Brandon Santini & Redd Velvet

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​​​​​​​​​She is captivating...

​"It’s like church and theater and history and testifying all at once. And Redd will have you in the palm of her hand." - Smithsonian Magazine

If you like the blues...
"Let me tell you one thing.  If you like the blues, do not miss the chance to see this performance by Redd Velvet.  She is amazing!" - Toure Neblett , music journalist, cultural critic,and television personality

An Angel
"She sings like the angels!" - Tony Orland0

After hearing her....

" I've sung that song ( Big Boss Man) a thousand times. After hearing her I'll never sing it the same way again."- Gary Clarke Jr

​The Real Thing

"She is the real thing . That voice is incredible!" -Rick Estrin ,award winning musician and bandleader of Rick Estrin and The Nightcats

​Can she sing

"Can she sing? If Velvet ain't singing the blues I don't know who is!" - Scrap Iron, world renowned blues emcee

She is a blueswoman

"She is worthy to be a blueswoman!" - Oscar Wilson, bluesman and frontman of The  Cashbox Kings